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Physical Recovery & Body Maintenance Facility

The methods and approaches that Professional Athletes use to feel, move, and perform their best inspired the creation of the Athletic Room. No longer are these services exclusive to Elite Athletes as our Proprietary Approach has been adapted for EVERYbody. At the Athletic Room, we define Everyone as an Athlete because “EVERYbody is Designed for MOVEMENT.” Regardless of if you are a Corporate Champion, Carpool Crusader, Weekend Warrior, or Elite Athlete the Athletic Room is a place for YOU!

Our Room. Our Approach.


Understand how your body moves. Learn how it impacts performance & pain.


Move better after your initial visit. Increase flexibility & range of motion while reducing inflammation.


Continue to improve the way you move, but now in a sustainable way.

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What our clients say about The Athletic Room

  • Avatar
    Franly Perez
    9 months ago

    The Athletic room is literally the best place when it comes to chiropractic care, improving your body mechanics, and just feeling healthy overall.David Escalante is my go to person and is a great asset to the team. This man has literally … More transform my life regarding my performance in the gym and in my overall life. My posture, joints, and any pain/discomfort that I’ve felt in the past is gone. Thank you the Athletic Room and especially David for the great service and treatment.
  • Avatar
    Carrie Engerrand
    4 months ago

    We absolutely love the athletic room! From just pure athletic recovery to injury rehab they know how to help and are always the place we go to. The staff is friendly and super helpful. They will always let you know what the right service … More is for you. The owners are awesome too 🙂
  • Avatar
    Joseph Tran
    6 months ago

    After a hard leg workout, I pulled my calf muscle and was very painful to walk. The Dr. and staff took care of me and now I'm much better!! Thank you so much!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are only required for Stretch-Mobility™ | Chiropractic Care | Massage Therapy sessions. We welcome with open arms, walk-ins for whole body Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy services. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a .If you would like to schedule an appointment for a Stretch-Mobility™ | Chiropractic Care | Massage Therapy session, search for available appointments by clicking here, download our App on Google Play or App Store or give us a call during business hours at 346.261.0853.

What are the Athletic Room late cancelation and no-show policies?

Appointments may be canceled up to 8 hours in advance of the start time by calling 346.261.0853. A NO SHOW occurs when a client does not show up for an appointment within 10 minutes of the start time and has not called to cancel 8 hours prior to the start time. A LATE CANCEL occurs when canceling or switching services WITHIN 8 HOURS of the original appointment start time. If an appointment is not canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy, the full price of the scheduled service will be charged to the client’s account. A front desk staff member at the AR does not have access to making appointment changes within 8 hours of the appointment start time and any disputes should be emailed to

How do I modify or cancel my membership?

If you are a Member (high-five) in our Auto-Renew program and would like to either cancel (sniff), pause or modify your membership, you must do so in writing by either emailing your request to or by mailing a letter addressed to 4900 Bissonnet St, Suite 200, Bellaire, TX 77401. The front desk staff at the AR does not have the ability to cancel or modify memberships. Therefore, verbally telling a front desk staff member is not a sufficient way of canceling or modifying your membership.

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