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We are a team of experts whom are dedicated to improving your daily life with smart body maintenance therapies.

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Give us as little as 5 minutes and we will give you a custom path to a better body. Take a moment to come to the Athletic Room to tell us how your body is feeling. We’ll assess your needs and pain points to tailor a regimen that blends Cryotherapy, Stretch-Mobility, Compression, and more to achieve a recovered, reenergized and healthier you.

The aches and pains of a corporate world are real. Sitting all day can really take a toll on your body. Our services can be combined or used separately to target and manage pain while improving sleep, reducing inflammation and give you boosts of energy throughout your day.

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Meet Our Team

Kailee Wong

Former NFL Player

Acceptance of the status quo is not in Kailee Wong’s DNA. Kailee spent nine seasons as an NFL linebacker for the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings’ organizations, but it was his six years at a desk in corporate America that caused the most harm to his body.

Ignited by an obvious need and grounded in his passion for business, Kailee founded the Athletic Room to ensure everyone can get back to the activities and hobbies they love without the unnecessary pain.

Marissa Wong

Recovery Specialist

Marissa may be married to a former NFL pro, but she wears the title of superhuman athlete in their household. Like so many women Marissa balances the stress of personal, professional and family responsibilities on a daily basis. Her experience as an active, health conscious mother of four was essential to the creation of the Athletic Room, ensuring recovery for athletes that perform everyday off the field.

Dr. David Escalante


Dr. David Escalante D.C (Doctor of Chiropractic) is passionate about educating and empowering people to live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. As a competitive PowerLifter, Graduate of Baylor University, and Doctor of Chiropractic Care, he is a life-long athlete and Movement Expert. With a track record of getting his patients back to performing their best (while maintaining an approachable personality), Dr. Escalante has quickly become one of Houston’s Go-to-Chiropractors for all body needs.

Dr. Mark Adickes

Medical Director

Dr. Mark Adickes is a Harvard-trained Orthopedic Surgeon and the ESPN’s NFL Injury Analyst. Unlike many prescription junkies we see in the medical field Dr. Adickes helps his patients through fixing the actual issues. Through his own experience with several injuries, surgeries, and rehabilitations playing professional football Dr. Adickes understands the stress put on the body, whether in sports or in daily life. He aims to treat patients’ problems as if they were his own or those of a family member.

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Whether you need comprehensive support in your recovery efforts or help keeping your body moving, the Athletic Room is here to serve you with our awesome array of services.

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