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Muscle Recovery

If you recently suffered a significant setback in your training due to muscle soreness or injury, The Athletic Room can help. An effective treatment for your sore muscles can get you on the road to recovery and back to your training activities.

If you pushed yourself too hard training, your muscles are probably paying the price.

If you hit the gym often, chances are you have experienced delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It’s the notorious muscle ache occurs in the days after a hard and heavy workout. Most of the time rest, hydration, and proper pre-workout and post-workout routines can help manage DOMS.

However, there are other times where that is not enough. This is where the Athletic Room team steps in. We help professional and amateur athletes, active adults, older adults, and young athletes recover from sore muscles with customized, client-centered programs.


Treating sore muscles

  • We will discuss with your training regimen to get a better understanding how you use your muscles. Went to know what muscles you typically target in workout and see which muscles are giving you the most trouble.
  • Muscle recovery treatment options include cryotherapy, compression, contrast therapy, swelling reduction, chiropractic care, cupping, stretching, among others.
  • Cold therapies, compression therapies, cupping, and chiropractic care can help reduce sore muscles, inflammation, pain and alleviate the dreaded “fitness hangover”.
  • After your consultation with us, we’ll develop a customized treatment and body maintenance plan.
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Body maintenance and muscle recovery

  • To reach your fitness and training goals, you need to make sure your body is ready to go to keep up with your workout.
  • Our body maintenance programs supplement your muscle recovery plan with regular visits to the Athletic Room
  • We’ll use routine compression, cryotherapy, and other applicable treatments as well as provide you advice on stretches and calisthenics you can do to prevent your muscles from locking up, getting sore, and injured.
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Goals of muscle recovery at the Athletic Room

  • Learning about how your body works so that you can best address muscle soreness, injury, or “fitness” hangover issues.
  • Restoring any lost range of motion and restrictions on your mobility that is a result of muscle soreness and pain
  • Developing a treatment plan that is right for you, your schedule, and your fitness and training goals.
  • Adding a body maintenance plan to regularly address sore muscles and prevent muscle injury or damage.
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Available muscle recovery treatments

Just part of our total approach to helping clients recover from sore muscles

Begin the road to recovery today.

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