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Sports Injury

If you play sports—whether you are professional, amateur, or recreational athlete—there is a chance you will deal with injuries. Sometimes injuries are minor; other times injuries are severe enough to require extensive rehabilitation. At The Athletic Room, Houston’s premier relief and recovery center, we want to help athletes like you get back on the court, track, field—wherever the game is.

Sports and injuries unfortunately go hand-in-hand

When you play sports, you subject your body to intense, repetitive activities. Throwing a pass, making a catch, making a serve, driving to the basket—you are subjecting your body to rigorous movement.

As a consequence, your body is prone to injury.

The Athletic Room Team can help accomplish two goals. For one, we can help you recover from current injuries. For two, we can help you prevent future injuries.

Treating sports-related injuries

  • Sports-related injuries can have various causes, including accidents, poor training, poor use of protective gear, and/or poor preparation.
  • Common injuries are sprains and strains; more severe injuries are fractures and dislocations.
  • The Athletic Room will talk to you about your injury to better understand what happened and how to provide the best treatment
  • Treatment options include cryotherapy, compression, contrast therapy, swelling reduction, chiropractic care, cupping, stretching, among others.
  • We’ll customize a treatment & recovery plan based upon your unique needs.
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Preventing future injuries

  • Preventative measures can help you avoid serious injuries in the future, keeping you in the game, and allowing you to continue playing the sports you love without missing a beat.
  • Body maintenance includes routine therapeutic services provided at The Athletic Room, including cryotherapy and compression, to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation; and to promote healing.
  • No two athletes are quite the same, so we’ll create a customized body maintenance plan just for you.
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Goals of sports injury treatment & prevention

  • Understanding what happened—from the lead up to the injury, to the injury itself, to what occurred afterwards
  • Reviewing your past training, treatment, and recovery history
  • Work to best address current pain, swelling, and inflammation so we can help get you on the road to recovery and healing
  • Develop a plan to prevent future injuries, regardless of severity.
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Available sports injury and prevention treatments

Just part of our total approach to helping clients recover from sports-related injuries and preventing future injuries.

Begin the road to recovery today.

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