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Benefits of Stretching for You, the Golfer.

Posted on November 22, 2017 by The Athletic Room Team

Shane Caron

Shane Caron
Director of Stretch / Mobility

Hey golf lovers, if you like to play golf and want to add an average of 13yds to every swing while improving accuracy by more than 23% more then you are at the right place. Golf seems straightforward, but as most of us golfers know, to become a good golfer while remaining injury free is not easy.  The golf swing is a strange, foreign movement that requires proper flexibility for the body to stay on a correct swing plane.

A 2015 study, which I have summarized below, shows the effects of stretching on the Amateur Golf Swing.  Click here to read the full study.

According to the study, a 12-week golf specific stretch program showed statistical changes on golfer’s performance. Golfer’s in the study experienced an average improvement of 13yds in driving distance and 23% increase in accuracy as compared to 4yds and a 3% in the control group. Ball speed after impact also increased in the group who routinely stretched: 7% as compared to 3% in the non-stretching.

Why does flexibility make that big of impact?

A golf swing is a series of compound actions that function in an organized sequence to drive a golf ball far and straight. A number of physical attributes all come together, in less than a second, to influence ball flight: strength, stability, mobility, cardiovascular fitness as well as adequate flexibility in the hips, trunk, and shoulder areas.

Routinely stretching will help you:

  • develop tissue length which, allowing for a greater range of motion, that takes pressure off the Lower Back and Shoulders;
  • bring more blood to the muscles, which improving muscles’ ability to perform;
  • removes waste from the tissue.


When all of these factors are combined, flexibility will increase muscular power and improve your overall skill of performance.

The harmony between accurate flexibility and muscular strength to endure the force as you strike the ball is essential as this force is applied to the waist at the moment of impact; that impact is eight times greater than your body weight!  As a Golfer you need to make sure your body has the ability to absorb that impact, so you can stay on the course longer and continue to improve your game.

Final Words:

Stretching is significant for all of us at all ages! Nevertheless, it becomes more important as we age and naturally start to lose some of our flexibility. If you are a golfer who wants to improve your game or even just wants to move and feel better once you step off the course then come on in or drop me an email at shane@theathleticroom.com.  We can either schedule you a private individual session where you lay on our custom table and we do all the work or we would be happy to share with you some of the best stretches you can do on your own.


Shane, and the Athletic Room team!