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Client Spotlight – Roger

Posted on February 2, 2018 by The Athletic Room Team

We at the Athletic Room are always in “awe” of our clients and their accomplishments, and Roger is no different.  Regardless of the type: hardcore athlete, ironman competitor, CEO, Corporate Champion, or hard-working mom!

We sat down with Roger, who lost a remarkable Cryotherapy and Compression+70lbs in 2017, to discuss how he maintained his fitness goals while balancing a stressful corporate career, coaching youth sports, and dealing with the impact of Hurricane Harvey.  Regardless of the stress or the demands on his time, he made it happen and that is why we at the Athletic Room are so proud of him and felt that his story is so powerful. 

Roger- 41yo Accountant, Father of Four, and Awesome Husband

What made you start working out and taking your health more serious?

“Well – I received my results from my 40 Year old physical, and the test results that came back was clearly not what I wanted to see.  I realized I needed to dedicate myself to becoming healthier for myself but also for my family.  I decided this time I was going to make a change and see it through.”

What was your toughest obstacle with your previous fitness routine?

“Like everyone, I have set fitness goals in the past for myself, every year. I always had the best intentions but inevitably my plans ended up getting derailed because I either injured myself or ended up becoming so sore that I couldn’t move.  In the past, it seemed as if I was always fighting to get over all the aches and pains in my body and let’s be honest once my body started feeling that way the idea of getting up and going to the gym was difficult.  As days would go by without making it to the gym it made it easier to skip the next day, and slowly my routine of working out would stall.”

How did you discover the AR?

“I was trying to find solutions to help me maintain my routine, so I did an online search for recovery options, including cryotherapy, and found the Athletic Room.”

So, how has the AR helped in obtaining your goals?

“One word…cryotherapy. It has helped my body recover quicker which allowed me to workout harder and more often. It allowed me to stick to my training plan that I had pre-planned earlier in the week, without having to deviate or make modifications.  My body just felt better and I just didn’t have to deal with all the usual aches and pains like I did in the past.”

What has changed with you over the last year?

“In the last year I’ve lost an additional +70 pounds, gained muscle, while improving mycardiovascular endurance exponentially.  When I first started a little of a year ago I would do my workouts just walking on the treadmill and making a lot of modifications.  Once that no longer became a challenge I began jogging and am now running!  By the end of 2017 I was able to complete a sub 8 minute mile and can do most floor exercises without having to make any modifications.  Recently, I have also began incorporating weights into my routine and now I am to the point where the weight is becoming very challenging, but that is what is fun!”

What do you currently for your fitness routine?

“My current routine now is OrangeTheory 5-7 times a week as well as some weight training.  My body has come so far that I am beginning to start playing basketball again and try to get out on the court a couple times a week.  That is a decent amount of activity and so I try and visit the Athletic Room for compression and cryotherapy at least 5-6 times a week.

What are your goals for 2018?

“To continue my journey in fitness and transform my body.  I am no longer just trying to lose weight but now focusing on changing my body composition to lean up and add muscle.