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Corrective Exercises

At The Athletic Room, our goal is to help you move and feel your best. Most of our programs center on improving your total body movement, including your balance and coordination. That is why we offer the Corrective Exercise Program to help improve your muscle strength, body coordination, and overall movement.

Corrective exercises addresses movement compensations (deficits) and imbalances to help you move better in your everyday life, whether it is a working out and training or doing things around the house or playing with your kids. These exercises are used as assessment tools to determine what is causing issues such as poor posture, poor balance, and poor body coordination.

Corrective exercises are not like your typical calisthenics; corrective exercises aim to resolve the deficits and imbalances that are hampering your performance and daily life. To help accomplish this, we start with an analysis of the physical arrangement of your body. Based upon what we learn in that analysis, we develop a unique corrective exercise and flexibility program to improve your body’s structure.

The Corrective Exercise Program is designed to improve your quality of life by making positive, effective changes to how your body moves. Not only will you be able to move your best, but this can also help alleviate chronic pain by addressing the root cause of your pain.

Why you would need corrective exercises

A corrective exercise program may be recommended to you if you:

  • Have serious physical deficit and imbalances that is having a negative effect on your athletic performance and/or daily life
  • Suffering from chronic pain and really feeling it whenever you move
  • Are seeking to improve your mobility and/or flexibility
  • Recovering from a recent injury and/or trying to prevent future ones

Aspects of the Corrective Exercise Program:

  • Assessment to evaluate weak, tight, or injured muscles/joints
  • Specialized program designed to recover from an injury through the use of our modalities.
  • Improving mobility and movement.
  • At home exercise and mobility program
  • Get “Game Ready” whether you’re playing a sport or playing with the kids.

Benefits of Corrective Exercises

  • Build muscular strength to prevent over compensation
  • Reduce risk of injury through proper coordination and movement
  • Recover from injuries that hamper your movement
  • Improve your mobility and range of motion for your arms and/or legs and back
  • Improve flexibility