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Everyday Athletes

Professional grade relief, recovery, and injury rehab tools for everyday athletes

You like to keep moving.

You’re hitting the jogging trail. You’re training hard in the gym. You’re playing a pick-up game of basketball or tennis. You’re doing the work to stay active and healthy.

You are an everyday athlete.

At the Athletic Room, we believe in providing everyday athletes the same relief, recovery, and injury rehabilitation tools that the pro and competitive athletes receive.

Treatments for pain and inflammation relief

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Recover from acute and nagging injuries

  • Many everyday athletes suffer from acute and long-term, nagging injuries.
  • These injuries can either limit or possibly cause you to stop your fitness training regimen.
  • We offer many of the same therapeutic technology that pro- and collegiate-level athletes use to help recover from injuries.
  • We’re committed to help you getting back to doing the everyday activities you love to do.
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Rehabilitate so you can maximize your ability

  • Rehabilitation is about maximizing your abilities after an injury. Often, it is more than just restoring your previous function before your injury.
  • This includes developing strategies to change your approach to mobility and movement that will help reduce the risk of future re-injury.
  • The Athletic Room offers various rehabilitation programs that will allow you to take advantage of our extensive professional grade technology to build you back better than ever.
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Our process & goals for helping everyday athletes like you

  • Mobility and movement assessments to gain an understanding where you are physically
  • Learning about your body so we can pursue the best treatment option(s) to provide you with pain relief, help you recover from your injuries, and rehabilitate your body to be better than ever
  • Develop a long-term body maintenance plan to keep you moving, keep you active, and reduce the risk of future injuries

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