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Competitive Athletes

Giving athletes a competitive edge

“All great Athletes are great compensators.” 

These compensation patterns are based on old ways of thinking that limit recovery & increase risk of injury. That’s not what we do at the Athletic Room.

We can help competitive athletes understand a system of activation that, while not new, has always been kept as a closely guarded secret by teams and athletes looking for an edge over their opponents.

Now it is time for you to learn the system the pros use before they take the field, court, or course.


Assessments that will help you shape your athletic performance

  • Movement assessment to include identifying your compensation patterns
  • Reset your body’s firing sequence
  • Teach you the tools to activate your own body.
  • Additional support & resources to ensure that you understand how to protect your body and perform your best.
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Powerful analysis of your body

  • Determine what biomechanical patterns you have developed, and teach you how to unlock them!
  • This system is designed for everyone but is a must for athletes that are serious about excelling at the next level of competition.
  • You will gain an understanding of exactly how your body moves and will be taught a system that will make an immediate change with measurable results.
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We work with competitive athletes that are aiming to:

  • Enhance performance and achieve maximum gains, with minimum extra effort.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge to self-identify what is going on and more importantly how they can create a shift to eliminate dangerous compensation patterns and get their body firing in the proper sequence.
  • Utilize a body maintenance plan where change is immediate and can be felt in strength, flexibility, and speed.
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