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We help young athletes

To succeed tomorrow, you must start preparing today. At The Athletic Room, we embrace the challenge of helping young athletes reach their potential on the court or on the field. That takes ensuring that young athletes are doing what’s necessary to stay healthy and injury-free.

We offer high school and college athletes the same level of recovery and body maintenance treatments of professional athletes.

Mobility and movement

  • Mobility is a person’s ability to move their body freely. It forms the foundation of all athletic performance.
  • Movement is a person’s ability to change their physical location and/or position.
  • For young elite athletes—as well as all athletes—the more mobile you are, the better you are able to move; and with that, the better you are able to exhibit peak athletic performance.
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Giving young athletes the tools they need for peak performance

  • The Athletic Room offers chiropractic care, cryotherapy treatments, stretching and mobility treatments, compression, and contrast therapy for young athletes.ur
  • We also offer mobility and movement assessments to provide young athletes a guide to maximize peak athletic performance
  • We develop personalized body maintenance and treatment plans to help young athletes establish a healthy foundation
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Our goals for young elite athletes

  • Understanding mobility and movement and how it affects athletic performance in competition
  • Assessing their level of mobility and movement so we can equip young athletes with what they need to enhance both
  • Provide effective acute treatment for any mild and severe injury that is keeping them off the field or court
  • Offer body maintenance treatments that will help them achieve their athletic goals
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