HivaMat is an incredible recovery tool that offers muscle relaxation and guides fluids and toxins out of affected areas to promote relief and healing.

HivaMat: A tool for recovery, relief, and healing

HivaMat therapy was originally developed and used for more severe conditions, such as chronic lymphedema. Elite athletes immediately saw this technology and recognized the HivaMat as an incredible recovery tool, due to the simple fact that “swelling is swelling and must be controlled to reduce pain and aid the healing process.”

HivaMat can be found in all Pro Athletic Training Rooms and is also available at the Athletic Room.

Come learn more about the Hivamat and find out how Deep Oscillation Therapy has been adapted for everybody.

HivaMat therapy can help relief and recovery through:

  • Shaking and busting up lymph fluid and proteins
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Guiding the fluid and toxins out the area, relieving the soreness and improves healing time.

An FDA-approved device

HivaMat Deep Oscillation Therapy is a unique therapeutic treatment rarely found outside of Elite Athletic Training Rooms.  At the Athletic Room, our HIVAMAT 2.0 is an FDA-approved device that aids in muscle relaxation, increased circulation, and pain reduction.

How HivaMat Works

HivaMat therapy is applied by moving hand/applicator over the desired area while resonating vibrations penetrate up to 8 centimeters deep into the tissues.  As a result of this intermittent electrostatic field the oscillations break down build-up that causes inflammation, relax the muscles, and assist the lymphatic system in moving the fluid from the body.

Key Benefits of Hivamat

Clears out fluids and toxins

Reduces soreness

Relieves muscle pain

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