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Hydration, Inflammation, and Alkalization.

Posted on March 23, 2018 by The Athletic Room Team

The human body is smart. Our bodies are aware of everything we do and have ingrained mechanisms to help fix anything we may mess up. When we get hurt our bodies heal and cause inflammation. If we are consuming too much acid our body naturally buffers and alkalizes. If we are dehydrated our body holds onto the available water and we excrete less throughout the day.  While our bodies are completely capable of taking care of us, we should do everything we can to make the job easier. An easy way to help out is maintaining adequate hydration which will aid alkalization and lower inflammation.

When we are properly hydrated our bodies are able to carry out all other functions properly (carrying nutrients throughout the body, providing adequate blood flow, maintaining moisture, etc.). Proper hydration also aids in anti-inflammatory processes. Water puts out the cellular fire our bodies experience during inflammation. Adequate hydration is key in living a healthy lifestyle and warding off inflammatory diseases such as heart disease.

It is recommended for men to intake 120 ounces of water and women to intake 90 ounces from both food and beverages. These numbers are the general recommendation to achieve adequate hydration.

Easy ways to get in water: drink plenty of H2O, eat vegetables and fruit (naturally high in water), drink sparkling water for some texture and to make regular water less boring, coffee, tea, and other beverages you may consume count towards daily water intake too.

In the grand scheme any water is better than no water but if you have a choice go for spring water. Spring water has been filtered usually through reverse osmosis and electrolytes are added to aid in taste but also can help balance the body. To further balance look for alkalized water (ph greater than 7); while the body has its own buffer system to balance acid and base it doesn’t hurt to provide some assistance.