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If You Don’t Measure, You Can’t Change

Posted on November 12, 2020 by The Athletic Room Team

There is a famous quote in business; “You can’t change what you don’t measure.” It is a quote from Peter Drucker; an individual known as the father of management. And, it’s important to recognize that this also applies to your health goals.

When looking to lose weight or make serious strides in your overall wellness, you’ll need to know more than just your Weight & BMI score in order to understand your progress towards goals such as weight loss/gain or other wellness goals.

Here at the Athletic Room, this is why we invested in the InBody measurement device to help you capture and monitor performance. Here is what it is and how it can help you meet all of your body goals:

The InBody Measurement Device Can Measure Your Body Fat Percentage

Knowing your body fat percentage is vital for overall health. Using the InBody measurement device, you’ll discover whether your body fat percentage is too high or low. Both of these have their consequences: high body fat percentage leads to diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Low body fat percentage, on the other hand, leads to energy deficit and lower immune response to disease.

Using the InBody measurement device provides all-important visceral fat measurements. Everyone’s body places fat differently depending on genetics and lifestyle. Sometimes, you can find people looking healthy yet harboring high levels of visceral fat, meaning they have hidden fat surrounding major organs. This leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and breast cancer. Ideal visceral fat levels should be 10 or under.

If large quantities of visceral fat are a factor of your body’s make-up, then you know to tailor your new health regime to account for decreased alcohol intake and a low-carbohydrate diet.

You’ll Be Able to Track Vital Performance in your Body’s Water Level

Again, another part of becoming healthy by using body measurements for weight loss or weight gain is knowing the body’s water content. One of the biggest and most common issues for people trying to make a change through diet and exercise is neglecting essential water intake. And, then comes complaints about persistent migraines and slowed-down restoration. Everything is connected, and everything is easily rectified.

Using the InBody measurement device here at The Athletic Room helps you understand what your body is asking for in order to reach peak physical performance.

A benefit to using the InBody measurement device above others is the breakdown between extracellular (surrounding the body’s cells) and intracellular (within the body’s cells) water levels. Ideal water levels include having only 1/3 of total body water to be extracellular. This is because studies have connected links of excess extracellular fluid to weight gain, inflammation, artery calcification and kidney disease.

One of the best ways to ensure your extracellular water levels are in balance with your total body water is to maintain regular physical activity. So, using body measurements for weight loss or weight gain are a key factor in tailoring your health and fitness regime.

There’s No Need to Hassle with Estimates

In just 45 seconds per test, the InBody measuring device will have all the necessary numbers to give you vital insight into your body’s performance and maintenance statistics. And, the benefit of using the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) InBody measuring device over other body measuring devices is this accuracy.

You’ll find other devices and companies factoring in age and gender to try and estimate your body’s statistics. However, these estimations don’t help to generate prime health and fitness routines designed to help reach body goals.

No matter whether it’s using body measurements for weight loss, stamina increase, sleep performance, muscular growth or better overall health, using accurate devices such as the InBody measurement device is an essential part of your journey.

You’ll Be Given a Printed Results Sheet at the End for Each Body Segment

A final benefit to using the InBody measurement device to understand your physique would be the printed sheet at the end; you’re given a complete run-down of your body’s numbers. This includes each of the five segments; trunk (torso), right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg.

The results sheet shows your body’s lean muscle percentage as well as the body fat percentage.  The sheet shows the level you’re currently at as well as the ideal levels your body should be. And, while target weight loss is a part of our dreams at night, target muscle gain is part of our reality.

Here at The Athletic Room, our team of experts need you to know that overall health will always come first. So, if you’re using the InBody measurement device to produce body measurements for weight loss or weight gain, make sure your peak physical abilities are met, first. You can do this with an effective regime of diet and exercise tailored and determined by the numbers on the results sheet.

Once you’re healthy, energetic and at the target levels of lean mass, you can think about desirable aesthetics. For example; increasing lat performance, bicep size, trapezius elevation and more.

And, that concludes the introduction as to why you need to be able to measure your body in order to change your body effectively. So, whether it’s using the InBody measurement device to understand your body measurements for weight loss or for weight gain, you know how accessing these numbers can help you streamline into efficient and healthy body adaptation.

If you have any questions come on in and pick the brains of our experts here at The Athletic Room. Meet our team and get one step closer to your body goals.