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Life & “Body Maintenance” begins at 40

Posted on March 9, 2020 by The Athletic Room Team

Man resting during a workout.

Fit Man recovering during a workout.

“The phrase life begins at 40” was coined in the 1930’s at a time when life expectancy was increasing rapidly.  The idea is simple that in our 40’s is when the majority of people have acquired enough knowledge & experience for professional success to achieve what they want.  If only our body’s in our 40’s worked that way, because it would be smooth sailing.  

While your 40’s may be a great time for personal and professional freedom, your 40’s is also the time when you need to start paying extra attention to your health & invest in your body.   Our topic today focuses on maintaining flexibility, for the simple reason that as we age our muscles begin losing their elasticity.   In order to continue living your best life, you need to invest in your mobility. 

Flexibility is often-overlooked, but it affects every move you (physically) make. Every time you bend, twist, reach, lift, walk, or climb, your flexibility is demonstrated. Stiffness and dysfunction increase with age as you lose some level of your flexibility and range-of-motion. However, this is not inevitable, and studies show that a loss of flexibility is mostly due to inactivity and not simply just age itself.

The good news? The loss of flexibility can be prevented and even if you’ve already experienced some loss, it can usually be restored. Here is a free resource of some simple Exercises for Flexibility that can get you on the right path and help you better enjoy normal daily activities comfortably, efficiently, and safely. 

Stay active longer (later in life) by increasing your flexibility and reducing your risks of common age-related physical ailments, strains, sprains, and even falls.  Investing in a daily & weekly flexibility routine will keep your joints healthy and your body capable of continuing to move in more youthful ways.

At the Athletic Room we specialize in assisted stretching sessions guided by one of our Accredited Stretch – Mobility Experts. Instead of fighting your body into painful and awkward positions, experience stretching through movement in a way that is difficult to do on your own. You will leave feeling euphoric and re-energized as your joints and muscles have been elongated.   

Don’t let the warning signs or the loss of flexibility slow you down.  By developing a proactive approach to maintaining your Flexibility and Range of Motion through consistent & well designed stretching program is a healthy habit that may just help you save downtime, frustrations, and money in the long run.

the AR Stretch – Mobility Team