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Personal Injury Recovery

Injuries from accidents take a toll on your physical and mental health. The Athletic Room, Houston’s premier relief and recovery center, offers treatment plans for those looking to improve their mobility and quality of life after a serious injury.

Accident recovery

Incidents such as car accidents are stressful, traumatic situations and can cause acute physical injuries. If left undiagnosed and untreated, these serious injuries can have a negative affect on your health & activity level for the rest of your life.

Even if you’re the best driver in Houston or the most careful person on earth, you can fall victim to an accident that can cause a serious personal injury. The team of mobility experts at The Athletic Room in Bellaire can help restore your mobility and facilitate a healthy and productive recovery. Whether it is with us or someone else, we want you to take action and follow the guidelines listed below.

Do not put off treatment

  • Hopefully, your injuries from an accident will not require hospital treatment; but this does not mean you should not be vigilant. 
  • Sometimes, your symptoms or visible signs of injury may not show up right away. This occurs more often than you think and there is actually a term for it—delayed onset of injury. In fact, accident victims can incur serious, perhaps life-threatening injuries, without even knowing.
  • However, if your recent accident has had a negative affect on your mobility, we can help. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Escalante.
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Recover with The Athletic Room

  • We have a team of experts who can treat your injuries with a variety of methods, including chiropractic care, decompression, contrast therapy, pain and swelling reduction, therapeutic exercise, cupping, massage, stretching, and more.
  • We want to understand where you are experiencing pain and it is critical to get to the root cause in order to alleviate your symptoms for good. 
  • In some cases, a specialist may be needed in conjunction with physical therapy which we can help coordinate on your behalf. 
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Personal Injury Protection

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) means you are fully covered with no out of pocket cost, up to a certain amount.
  • Personal Injury Protection is provided by most insurance companies and is a benefit included in your premiums.
  • Filing a claim DOES NOT automatically increase your insurance rates. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get treatment because these benefits are a part of your policy for situations just like this.
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Don’t settle

  • We want to alleviate your stress and help you mitigate rehabilitation costs.  Your diagnosis and what it will take to resolve your injury needs to be established before you agree to a Final Payment. 
  • Otherwise, you may not get any coverage AT ALL and be stuck with the bill.
  • Call us and our team of experts, so you can concentrate on your recovery without the added stress of figuring out how to pay for it. 
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