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Stretching to Achieve Long, Lean, & Well Defined Muscles

Posted on June 18, 2018 by The Athletic Room Team

How to Achieve Longer, Leaner, & Better Defined Muscles:

Does this sound like you?

• You spend countless hours in the gym,

• You eat a healthy diet,

• AND you sleep as much as possible

..but you still aren’t seeing muscular changes associated with “doing all the right things”


Want to know the secret? STRETCHING.  

Stretching is commonly disregarded in our efforts for muscle development but it is a critical component of creating muscles that look lean, well defined, and so they can grow.

What is the purpose of focused stretching?

• Our muscles are wrapped in a tough connective tissue known as fascia. Fascia is responsible for keeping our muscles in place by supporting and wrapping our muscle tissue.

• Just like our muscles, fascia becomes tighter and rigid with resistive training (as well as with inactivity). Fascia and muscle tissue are dependent upon each other when it comes to growth.

So what do you need to do in order to promote muscle growth?

• In order for muscles to grow the fascia must make room for the muscle. Think of fascia as a pillow case and your muscles as the pillow. The size of the pillow case will dictate how much of the pillow will fit. If you want to get a bigger pillow into the pillow case you have to stretch it out. The same applies for muscular growth. In order for our muscles to grow we must grow our fascia by stretching it.

When would be the optimal time to stretch?

• Stretching after a hard training session when the muscles are full of blood is THE BEST TIME to increase not only general flexibility but to expand the fascia surrounding the muscle. When the muscle is full of blood it is pressing against the fascia trying to expand. If you stretch during this time the muscles will be allowed to expand into the new space formed from the stretched fascia.

One of the major reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger had such incredible chest development was that he finished his chest workouts with dumbbell flies, an exercise that emphasizes the stretched position of the pectoral muscles. He would pump his chest up full of blood during the workout then do flies holding the stretch at the bottom of the fly. This gave his chest room to grow to amazing proportions with better definition.

If you are someone that competes in aesthetics, or just looking for that “toned” body, then we might have just the answer for you. By, incorporating Stretching into your routine you can make a huge difference in both Size and Definition. Our Stretch/Mobility Experts specialize in assisted Stretching which helps increase flexibility & range of motion that creates that long, lean, and better defined muscles.