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Work Desk Refresh: Upper Body Stretches

Posted on May 23, 2017 by The Athletic Room Team

The AR owner Marissa Wong demos 3 upper body stretches.

AR owner Marissa Wong demos 3 upper body stretches.

Take a minute to check your posture. We bet you are sitting and slouching! Take a moment and remind your body what proper posture feels like

Sit up. Shoulders back. Core engaged. Feels better, right?

Our Stretch-Mobility director Shane Caron has put together three simple, upper body stretches that you can do almost anywhere.

We bet you find yourself saying “That feels good!” at least once!

  1. Shoulder Blade Squeeze (aka the Mermaid): Sit up straight and a bit forward in your chair. Move your hands behind your body and grip the sides of your chair. Open your chest, drop your shoulders away from your ears and pull them back, and squeeze your shoulder blades together towards your spine.
  1. Lateral Bend: Sit up straight, core engaged, and let your right hand hang down relaxed at your side. Raise your left hand and drape it, resting on your head. Let your body follow the weight of your left hand and bend to the right. As you bend right elongate your left side and feel the space between your ribs. Breathe and sink a little deeper into the stretch. Repeat on the other side.
  1. Torso Twist: Keeping your legs and hips facing forward and unmoving, sit tall from your waist. Take your right hand and move it to the center-back of the chair or as far as your comfortable. Then move your left hand to your right side turning your torso as you move and twisting your spine from the waist. Don’t push or overextend. Just twist as far as your feel comfortable.

See? Simple. You said “That feels good!” didn’t you?!